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As many will know The Exchange has been built from the ground up with the efforts of many people which has meant it is constantly evolving and adapting; striving to better and allow more and more people to meet and exceed their potential. 

We'd be really grateful if you would share your experience of The Exchange Creative Community CIC (XCC). We want to identify the impact we're having in the area, what we are good at and where we need to improve.

Make My Day! 2020 Feedback Survey

This was a huge learning curve for us in adapting our festival to run safely during the pandemic so we'd really appreciate your feedback to help us learn some more.  Whether you got stuck in and made all 7 workshop activities, did one or two or just watched from a far.....tuned into a radio broadcast or stumbled upon a street performer - we'd love to hear from you.

As you may know, The Exchange Creative Community CIC (The XCC), is growing and working hard to secure a larger venue. As we grow, we're keen to get feedback and views from the groups we've been working alongside. All feedback is gratefully received and will become a valued part of our decision making process. 

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