Friday evenings at ‘The Good Things Café’ in Morecambe’s West End, run by The Exchange Creative Community, have become renowned for showcasing the best in local musical talent. This CD collects together a selection of original
songs/tunes by those evenings’ performers. The outcome is a playlist of love,
regret, observation, mystery and celebration. Upbeats of pure joy mix with the
chords of slow drifting melancholy. The Exchange Creative Community would like to thank all the featured artists featured for donating their tracks and artwork.


Cover and CD Artwork by: Johnny Bean

Back Cover and Inlay Artwork by: Carmen Scott

insta: photo_joy1


Further Information About The Musicians:

Danny Liptrott 

Danny, originally from Bolton, but now a fixture of the Morecambe and Lancaster music scene, is renowned for matching reflective melodies to his soulful voice.

facebook/Danny Liptrott music

James Bailey and McKayla Monteverde

Having spent the last few years travelling around Europe, the expression of James’ music has been impacted by the cultural flavour of such places as the Balkans and Extremadura in Spain.  Now based in Lancaster, James has formed the band Catch a Fox with McKayla Monteverde, from Milan, whose powerful vocals draw inspiration from 60s and 70s Motown Soul.   



Pat Simmons

Pat’s magical renditions of Folk and Blues with guitar and voice transport you to times of beauty and times of hardship.  His original instrumental on this CD calls to mind jumping trains during America’s Great Depression.



Luna are a duo, Jo and Scotty, from Sunderland Point singing quirky original songs and tunes, backed by accordion, guitar and mandolin.  The subject matter of their work ranges from life, love and curlews to squeezeboxes and the wonderful place in which they live.


Beth de Lange 

Beth moved to Lancashire in 2017 where she began to sing solo, having formerly sung with and conducted community choirs.  The repertoire of her solo work, sometimes a cappella, and sometimes accompanied by guitar, ranges from traditional and contemporary folk, to songs from other cultures, and songs written by herself.   The track on this CD was 'Song of the Month' for February on


Amy Clouds

Amy Clouds who performed at The Good Things Café in May 2019, was formerly a member of the band, Don’t Tell Suzy, and it is their recording of her song ‘Music In Your Step’ which features in the playlist.  Although musically her essence is roots, at any moment she might jump genres into latin, blues, punk, folk, reggae or spoken word.


Ruby In The Dust 

Ruby in the Dust are a three piece band with folk, jazz and vaudeville influences, performing unique original songs. The music evokes mysterious landscapes, old musicals and dark Russian winters.

facebook/Ruby in the Dust

Jennie White 

Jennie returned to her ancestral roots in Morecambe just over a year ago, having lived and worked in New York and County Clare in Ireland, where she first began to write music.  Her sound is folk pop with an urban flavour, full of Celtic ripples and sweet spot high notes.


Chris Price

For his style of guitar playing Chris is most indebted to James Taylor, but he will tell you that the song he’s most proud of took its inspiration from the Nora Jones' ‘Turn me On’.   He was the very first performer at The Good Things Café.


Serenity Sam

Serenity Sam is a multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter.  She sings and plays both with band members and as a solo act.  In addition her music can alternatively raise the rafters with its infectious bounce or, as on this CD, allow more meditative qualities to rise to the surface.

facebook/Serenity Sam


Sazi Riot

Sazi Riot is a singer-songwriter and musician. She can play 7 instruments and loves to put her own twist on her favourite music genres: Pop, Punk, Rock and Alternative.


Nino’s Blue Saloon

Fionn Kay Lavelle performed at the Good Things Café in March 2019.  He is the lead singer and guitarist with Lancaster’s ‘NIno's Blue Saloon ’.  Their music is a unique  brand of chilled down Americana.   As an encore Fionn chose to perform the song on this CD, which he had only just written and which was later to be recorded by his band.  This is their recording.

Stuart Anthony

Stuart Anthony is a singer-songwriter currently working with Tim Buckley’s old friend and lyricist Larry Beckett. Stuart and Larry released a Greek themed album called ‘Love & Trial’ in October 2018 to critical acclaim.  Stuart performed a version of the track on this CD, taken from that album, at the café in April 2019.

Maggie McCreath

A singer-songwriter from Lancaster, Maggie’s influences range from Amy Winehouse to the Cure.  Just nineteen, she has been wowing audiences with the maturity and power of her voice.

facebook/Maggie McCreath


Deccan Traps

This four piece band generates sharp-edged music, gently dissolving tunes and melodies that flow like lava.  Their lyrics are concerned with ends and beginnings.

facebook/Deccan Traps Sound


Kriss Foster

Lancaster’s Kriss Foster is a stand-up comedian (having appeared at The Edinburgh Fringe), film maker and artist as well as a singer-songwriter on his own and in bands.  He performs songs about Vimto, trains, service stations and the seaside.


Mastered by Danny Liptrott

Compiled by Julian Abraham



Good Things - Slow Friday Compilation

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